clearing spaces workshop

Space Clearing Workshop

Often in life, we find ourselves feeling burdened and weighed down by negative feelings, negative people or unpleasant surroundings. A Soul Vision Space Clearing Workshop is ideal to help you escape from any negativity you may be experiencing in your life.

No matter how you’re feeling, this workshop will leave you feeling light and free, able to clear spaces of negative energies and replace them with freely-flowing positive vibes. Whether it’s at work, at home or elsewhere, this workshop enables positive energies to flow more freely, creating abundance, joy, protection and good health.

Join a Space Clearing Workshop and release yourself of the burden associated with any negative people, any bad experiences or any unpleasant situations that are troubling you and holding you back.

People had this to say about the Workshop

* Very enjoyable, I have learnt so much. Thank you for teaching and giving of yourself today.

* Lisa is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher. Glad to have been able to enhance my spiritual path.

* I feel a lot lighter spiritually and emotionally.