Learn to Read Tarot Workshop

Learn to Read Tarot Workshop

The Soul Vision Learn To Read Tarot Workshop uses an intuitive and elemental approach. This exciting workshop allows you to use your cards as a “tool” to aid your understanding. It helps you to place the past into a more meaningful perspective, letting you understand the present better and revealing the alternatives that exist in the future.

One of the fascinating aspects about Tarot cards is their personal effect upon the individual who uses them.  As you begin to understand the art of your deck, you will begin to learn to interpret the Tarot Deck by using it as a Divination tool.


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Praise for this Workshop

~ Had a great time, thanks so much. I learned so much and you have such a wonderful way of explaining things, I will definitely recommend your workshops to my friends and attend further workshops myself.

~ Workshop was great, and it wasn’t just a read from the book course. I did not feel intimidated at all even though I am a beginner.

~ I am impressed that I got to learn so much in such a short time, before the workshop I knew practically nothing about Tarot Cards. So thank you and well done.

~ Lisa is a gentle understanding soul, who has enormous amount of love that she puts into her workshops. A wonderful healer and teacher and has an awesome way of getting messages and teachings across to the class.

~ Lisa is a good friend of mine and fellow Reiki Master. Her courses are entertaining, informative and easy to follow.

~ If learning Tarot has ever been a dream of yours, then jump at the chance to take this course.