Psychic Awareness Workshop

Psychic Awareness Workshop

Get in touch with your intuition and inner voice of guidance and knowingness in Soul Vision’s Psychic Awareness Workshop. Learn to tap into your surroundings and feelings and use this gift in your personal growth.

Soul Vision offers dynamic and life-changing Psychic Awareness Workshops that help you to develop your psychic powers. An outcome from this experience is the ability to become more receptive to information received psychically. This helps you to advance mentally, emotionally and spiritually at a much faster rate. So, rather than being limited to information obtained from the five ‘normal’ senses, join this workshop to unlock your sixth sense abilities.

The Psychic Awareness workshop will help guide you to develop your natural psychic powers.

It will change your life significantly as you learn to use your skills to bring about positive and beneficial effects.

Contact Lisa for more information about this powerful and dynamic workshop.