What is Chromatherapy and How Does It Work?

Chromatherapy involves the use of energy vibrations of colour in treating specific ailments and helps to balance the natural rhythms of the body to create a balanced energy level.

Also called “colour therapy” or “colorology”, chromatherapy is an alternative holistic form of healing. This system is used for treating dis-ease with the use of coloured lights chosen from specific regions of the spectrum.

As most of us know, colour plays an important aspect in the way we feel, act and think and in this way, colours have been known to influence our mental state and physical health.

The use of coloured lights was historically used by the Chinese and Egyptians in their healing techniques.  They noticed that “little grows without light” and thus incorporated coloured lights in their healing methods, believing that the visible light used would positively influence the healing of the physical body, as well as mental and emotional issues.

At the temple of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt, people were treated in healing rooms specifically designed to break up the sun’s rays into colours of the spectrum.

Pilgrimages to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the seven Wonders of the World) were made to receive and absorb healing from the exotic plants and flowers.

What are the Benefits of Chromatherapy Lights?

Light is received in different frequencies and wavelengths to send off “vibrations” of colours to the brain.  Colours can set “the mood” as they have certain characteristics which we absorb and feel when the light is experienced in our mind.

Divine Ray coloured sprays can be used together with the lights to amplify the therapy, whether you are looking to bring healing to your physical self, boost your mood or if you are looking for relaxation and stress relief.


Why use colours?

  • Chromatherapy is based on the idea that colours create electrical impulses in your brain, that stimulate the hormonal and biochemical processes in your body.
  • These processes can either calm or stimulate you.
  • Each colour has a different effect and can create a wide variety of emotional and physical states.


Where to receive Chromatherapy

Soul Vision
situated at Brackendowns Medical Centre
9 de Waal Street
Alberton, Gauteng
082 557 6930 / 010 010 0479