New Beginnings using Cosmic Energy

Pablo Picasso said “God is, above all, an artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the ant. He never tried to follow on a particular style. He simply kept on doing whatever he felt like doing.”

Every day Cosmic Energy is available to us in order to create within ourselves. Just as our cells are continuously renewed, so we can renew our minds and update our belief system by making use of Cosmic Energy.

Use this energy wisely in order to create a “newness” within yourself. Forget about finding willpower and following old patterns.

Breathing is the perfect way to connect to Cosmic Energy and to set up a template for a new beginning.

Focus on the Cosmic Energy and take a deep breath in, breathing in health, hold for five counts, then release your breath as you consciously are aware of the toxins that you breathe out.

Breath in a fabulous body, breathe out a bad body image, breathe in fitness, breathe out sluggishness, breathe in joy, breathe out sadness…and just keep going. Make sure to meditate on your breath as if kissing it and allow every positive inhale to expand your auric energy field.

When you decide to act on this method of renewal, be aware that some excesses may occur.

Remember that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so it is natural that wounds may be inflicted during this process. These wounds will pass. Allow the energy to move around you as you discover and create a new joy.

“Be in control of your own creation, and always be reminded that your failures are never mistakes, they are only steps along a path that you have created, in order to meet your unique and wonderful authentic self”