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Soul Vision Detox Bath Salts soften the skin and detox the body and mind. The salts can remove harmful toxins and introduce beneficial minerals to the skin, thus helping to balance the body and relax the mind.

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In addition to helping you relax, soaking in our detox bath salts can relieve sore muscles, improve circulation, assist in soothing PMS, relieve headaches, and reduce anxiety and stress.


  • Place a handful or two of the salts into a warm bath
  • Soak in the bath for 40 minutes (or longer if desired)
    It is during the first 20 minutes that toxins will be pulled out of the body, and the second 20 minutes when all the absorption occurs
  • Avoid using soap
  • Rest for at least 1 hour after a detox bath, or bath at bedtime so that you can go to bed straight after


Cleansing salts, Healing herbs, Essential oils, Eucalyptus, Rose petals
Hand-made with blessings and love

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