Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Ball Reading is an age-old practice that originates from several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Mayans, the Hindus, North American Indians and Australian Aborigines.

It is a form of ‘scrying’ or seeing, where a reflective or translucent object is used for divination. At Soul Vision, Lisa uses a crystal ball to connect with people’s spirits and essential energies. She sees images in the crystal ball and uses her psychic power and spiritual insight to interpret visions.

Lisa believes that crystal ball readings can assist people to gain clarity about a situation in their lives and receive insight about how spiritual influences are impacting them. With her help and guidance, clients can realise how best they can take control of their life path and make changes to follow a better direction for inner peace, sensory awakening and deeper spiritual fulfilment.

By understanding negative influences, we can often shift away from them and use our self-awareness to enjoy a more positive experience. A crystal ball reading can use messages and symbols to guide you in your understanding and decision-making.

Contact Lisa if you would like to find out more about a crystal ball reading.

On-line Crystal ball reading

Ideally, Lisa likes to host clients at Soul Vision and work with them on a face-to-face basis. But as this is not always logistically or geographically possible, she is nevertheless able to assist with online services, including online crystal ball reading.

This can be done telephonically or online, using a Skype Internet connection. This method of crystal ball reading is extremely successful and clients do not need to worry about getting an inferior experience. Lisa has used this online approach often and is able to provide an effective, insightful and meaningful reading.

A crystal ball reading is made possible by Lisa’s psychic skills and, as these are part of her spiritual dimension, a one-on-one physical interaction isn’t required. Physical presence, telephones, Internet connections or technology do not prevent Lisa from being able to get a clear reading in a crystal ball, so regardless of how she connects with a client, her psychic powers are strong enough to connect directly with spirits and energies.

Contact Lisa if you would like the opportunity to benefit from an online crystal ball reading to gain insight into your life and your current influences and make informed choices for an alternative path and spiritual journey. Crystal ball readings are especially helpful in dealing with situations like loss, troubled relationships, financial decisions and deeper understanding of events and circumstances.

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