Genuinely Feeling

Often you may find yourself in a space with others who have different belief systems to yourself. By identifying with others whose beliefs are being challenged the same as yours may be, you may find it rewarding to simply show tolerance.

By being open-minded could help to educate and inspire others to be more open-minded also. By demonstrating a positive behaviour with all of your interactions with others, you will ultimately encourage others to do the same.

By just listening, showing compassion and understanding could be the motivating force that inspires long-term change around you. Our actions can often speak more loudly than our words, especially in situations that may incite arguments or resistance to change.

Instead of trying to convince others to change their behaviours and beliefs, we can rather choose to let our own actions serve as a powerful example of what is possible. Our willingness to accept and embrace others for who they are, regardless of the differences between us, places a greater emphasis on our similarities and encourages others to do the same.

Expressing your compassion, tolerance and understanding for others today can create positive changes that make the world a better and more peaceful place.