Judging others…learning Love and Acceptance

Judging others…Allow your Soul to have the Vision to reflect on the Vision of another Soul

Whilst sitting at a quaint restaurant in Parkhurst, Johannesburg chatting over a delicious meal, my thoughts are interrupted by a very loud and crass voice of slightly drunkard diner. My first thought is that of annoyance. How dare he bring his bad attitude to my “special place” of relaxation!

I’m sure this type of situation presents itself to you too on many occasions, allowing yourself to become irritated and eventually even leaving sooner than planned. A choice of reaction you choose to make.

I turn around to give him “the look”, to put him in his place. To let him know that he is unwelcome and quite honestly put, that he is making a pest of himself. But, as my eyes meet his, I see a sadness reflected within, a sadness that his voice does not carry or hold.
Why, I ask myself, does this man feel it necessary to behave in this manner, when it is not his truth to do so? Does he carry so much misery that he feels it necessary to make everyone around him miserable too?

Perhaps he wears a mask? Yes, a mask, that so many of us chose to hide behind to camouflage the real person hiding away. It is this person that so many of us are afraid to be, lest the world discovers who we really are. It is much easier to pretend to be someone else, and therefore not allowing ourselves to take responsibility of our actions or to open up the door of our pain body and be judged by others, as they do.

We all long to be accepted and loved, but yet get so caught up in pushing others away to protect ourselves that we ultimately lose what we crave for the most.

“Love and Acceptance”
And so we act out and become someone that we are not.
We put on our armour of steel and treat every day as a battle, and so the day becomes a private battle of war.

Just for today, see the love and joy in the moments you experience. Be mindful of how you choose to judge others. Reflect on the patterns of those around you and recognize that this may be a part of you that needs to be healed.