Live your life in the direction you want it to be

“And if they exclude you for being different, remember this: We are all unique,
but only brave souls live according to their desires”

So many of us allow ourselves to become wrapped up in other people’s worlds and desires, thus leaving little space for us to follow our own dreams as we become manipulated and moulded into what others expect of us.

Before we know it, we have become a “new” person, a person that we do not fully understand and often, one who we do not even like.

Many people are living miserable lives because they are walking in the shadow of someone else, trying their best to be something and someone who they are not. Hoping that they will be accepted and not excluded for being different. But it is this “difference” that makes us all special in our very own unique way.

How boring life would be if we were all clones, walking around doing and saying the same thing!

Just for this moment, be brave.
Be yourself.
Be different.
Live according to your own desires.