Stay focused while going through changes and challenges

We all face changes and challenges to different degrees; this is a blessing in disguise, as it bears the opportunity of growth. We may find ourselves in the same storm as others, but generally in different boats and so it is important to remember that we are the captain of our own boat that we sail in our storm, and how we navigate our path will determine the journey to our chosen destination.

Awareness, Focus, Intention and Gratitude are immensely powerful tools that can be used to assist us during the shifts of change and challenge.

Step 1:  Awareness

Begin with becoming aware of your emotions felt during these times.

These emotions may be panic, fear, anger, sadness all of which are OK to feel.

Do not judge yourself for feeling but rather allow the feelings to arise, for you to work through them and heal yourself.  Become conscious of the power you have which allows you to clear that which no longer serves you and your wellbeing.

Step 2:  Focus

Focus on the parts of your body that hold the emotions you feel.

Have you ever thought about what you may have buried deep down in the cellular memory of your body? Deep Cell level healing “from Soul to Cell” happens when consciousness and body meet.

Your emotions, feelings and thoughts have a tremendous effect (either positive or negative), on the cellular level that maintains and rejuvenates your body!

Focus on that which needs healing.

Step 3:  Intention

Set your intention to raise your frequency to allow healing, restoration, and transformation to take place. Tap into the infinite well of liquid healing energy from the deep centre of the earth.  Use the power of your breath and intention to restore and rejuvenate every particle of your body and your life, with a level of intensity to release anything that is blocking your natural flow.

Breathe in, and on each inhale, tune into the infinite possibilities where health and vitality are always an option for you to use to clear any negative or low vibration you are holding.

On each exhale, imagine the issues and traumas that are trapped inside your body, the areas of your life which are out of balance, being released with any story of disease or bodily discomfort.

Hold the intention that the power of your breath will loosen up any contraction or frozen patters of numbness and dramas that may be stored deep within you.

Imagine dissolving and transmuting all stuck energy with the intention to erase the old subconscious programming that is always running behind the scenes of your conscious awareness.

Step 4:  Gratitude

Give gratitude, as gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.  By giving gratitude it means it has already happened.  Place your hand over your heart and give thanks for a new healthy and balanced life.  Imagine the healed vibrant version of yourself, radiating out into the energy field that surrounds you as you upgrade, rejuvenate, and heal from the inside out.