When I signed up for the Spiritual Life Coaching with you, I don’t think I really knew what to expect, the only thing I knew is that I had to do this for myself.

These sessions have literally been Life Changing for me.

The beginning of the year I felt depressed, it was like this sad feeling I could not get away from. I literally thought what happens if this feeling doesn’t go away, what am I going to do. I was in a dark place.


Having my reading with you in the beginning of the year was exactly what I needed, and I am so certain that the Angels knew what I needed to. It was like the perfect timing to see you , as if I never saw you , you would have never told me that you were starting these Spiritual Life Coaching sessions.

Each week has taught me so much and I can literally feel the difference in myself and my outlook on life and my way forward. I feel so powerful. A feeling I have not felt… I don’t think ever!

I really do feel so much stronger, like I have taken my power back. I actually love myself now and fully accept myself for who I really am. Its honestly one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

I never expected change so quickly either and each week I have learnt so much and integrated so much and the Universe is giving me all these signs of alignment. Its an amazing feeling.


You are like my Guru! And I am learning so much from you.

I really am so grateful to you Lisa for all the love and guidance.

You have helped me to change my life and open my eyes to this whole new world and phase of my life I am entering.

Thank you so much for everything !!!!!!