Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Healing and Meditation from a Trusted, Gifted Medium

Your divine energy and your spiritual well-being are an important aspect of your overall health, driving you towards growth, healing and wholeness. Soul Vision aims to help people understand their soul’s journey and drive their life forward on a path of purpose, truth and light. Let Soul Vision create new paths of awareness in your life and discover the joy and benefits of being more mindful, more in touch with your emotions and more aware of how your surroundings are impacting your daily life. Soul Vision offers a range of face-to-face and online services including crystal ball reading, tarot card reading, psychic reading, spiritual, energy and Reiki healing, meditation, transcendental healing and past life regression analysis.

If you’re looking for support, truth and understanding about relationships, finances, decisions and destiny, Soul Vision can work with you to shift your energy and alter your situation through love and light. This is achieved in a safe and loving environment, creating space for you to unravel knowledge, to communicate, to grow, to be enlightened and to be healed and transformed.

Soul Vision helps people to discover their true and inner joy and passion by discovering their inherent strength and power. This is done through one-on-one Soul Vision sessions and through workshops, healings, divination and other spiritual platforms. Soul Vision also offers online services, successfully delivered mainly via Skype call that can take place anywhere in the world.

All of Soul Vision’s readings, healing sessions and workshops are aimed at being fun and self-empowering – after all, life is about living fully and experiencing all the joy we have locked inside ourselves!
Soul Vision is run by Lisa Carr, a qualified Usui Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Healer, Motivational Speaker and Teacher. Lisa has been practicing her spiritual gifts of transformation and healing for over 26 years. Browse through the Soul Vision site to discover more about Lisa Carr and the services she provides. Lisa is based in Johannesburg, but assists clients across South Africa and around the world.

Soul Vision’s Services Include...

What Our Clients Say

"I have been on three Reiki courses with Soul Vision. The general atmosphere each time has been relaxing and accepting, and I have learnt so much more than just the basic Reiki skills - it helped me to learn more about myself and others. Going on these courses lets you know you are not alone - everyone has issues that they have to deal with - and in knowing this it makes you a stronger person and able to deal with your own issues better. When I began practicing Reiki healing on others, I found that as well as healing the patient, at the same time it was actually healing and calming me too. I will be going for my Reiki Masters soon - and look very forward to being at Soul Vision again, just being there calms your mind and makes you feel good. "
Reiki Student
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