Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Healer

As a Spiritual Healer Lisa uses her spiritual healing powers to enhance people’s overall health and wellness. Your spiritual well-being is a key element of who you are and complements your physical and emotional wellness. Spiritual healing can help you to feel complete and energised, able to live the life you were born to live.

With over 20 years of experience in healing, nutrition, counselling, teaching and coaching, Lisa assists clients to open up their hearts and minds to tap into their souls. Lisa is a trusted and caring guide, offering safety and support for healing and transformation to take place.

Spiritual healing is calm, relaxing and cleansing and doesn’t force you to deal with anything you aren’t comfortable with. It helps to relax your mind and release things that are burdening you, holding you back and making you feel stuck.

This relaxing therapy can help you feel healed, whole, set free and sensory invigorated.

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