Intuitive Business Consulting

Providing solutions for entrepreneurs, boards, business leaders and management teams

An Intuitive Business Consulting session is quite different to meeting with your financial planner, business manager, career counsellor, or life coach. Intuitive Business Consulting incorporates a little of each of these, but is focused more on the big picture, concentrating on unseen elements that may be coming in to play.

Recent studies show that CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business owners and the like are utilising intuitive business consulting to gain better insight for navigating their business decisions.

Coming out of the corporate world Lisa understands the pressure and stress this environment presents, the best thing I did was make contact with her! Both my personal and professional life have changed and Lisa has given me some of the best advise and direction anyone could ever provide. Lisa has a way of becoming a part of the journey not only providing a service! I highly recommend Lisa and all the mind body and soul services she provides if you want clear honest and trustworthy direction. Thank you Lisa!
– T. B. (Director)

Lisa uses her intuitive skills to provide business people with clarity on how to successfully plan their way through obstacles, choose “right” partnerships/mergers, effectively communicate with clients and staff and how to foresee pitfalls and possibilities, guiding them to see their businesses in a new light.

There are many advantages to an Intuitive Business Consulting session with Lisa, from validation of new ideas and plans to guidance on staff and clients. Creating a solid team and productive culture using an Intuitive Business Consulting strategy can make the work environment more enjoyable, lead to a reduction of staff turnover and increase revenue.

Lisa’s intuitive insight helps companies prepare for the unexpected by bringing to light difficulties that may affect a company in ways it could not foresee.

An Intuitive Business Consulting session focuses on

  • Identifying opportunities, strengths and challenges
  • Improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Building successful communication between owners and employees
  • Identifying team strengths (from CEO and management to entry level staff)
  • Inspiring individuals to operate at their best
  • Creating a strategic plan to attain your desired results
  • Aiding business in hiring the ‘right’ candidate for a position
  • Increasing your businesses productivity, efficiency and sales
  • Insight into unethical behaviour happening in your workplace

In-house Intuitive Business Coaching sessions and mini-workshops for your business

One-day ‘in house’ Intuitive Business Coaching sessions and mini-workshops made available to all employees.

Contact Lisa if you would like the opportunity to benefit from an Intuitive Business Consulting session to gain insight into your business and make informed choices for the best path forward.