Intuitive Life Coaching

How can Intuitive Life Coaching assist you?

Intuitive Life Coaching gives you an objective insight into a situation. When you are too close to a situation, you often do not see the bigger picture. Intuitive Life Coaching guides you to see things clearly and helps you to make sense of it by bringing your attention to the bigger picture. In this way, Intuitive Life Coaching helps you to make more informed choices and decisions by seeing options and paths that lie ahead of you.

At Soul Vision, Lisa uses Intuitive Life Coaching to assist people to understand the potential outcomes of a relationship, love affair, work issue or change of location. Lisa provides you with guidance on next steps like taking assessments, changing communication, establishing a daily practice, or taking action.

Through Intuitive Life Coaching, Lisa can assist people to gain clarity about a situation in their lives and receive insight about how unseen influences are impacting them. With her help and guidance, clients can realise how best they can take control of their life path and make changes to follow a better direction for inner peace, sensory awakening and deeper spiritual fulfillment.

Intuitive Life Coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to delve deep into your dreams and desires so that you can create a life that reflects your heart’s desire.

Intuitive Life Coaching is for you if:

  • You feel stuck
  • You have a big vision but you’re not sure how to get started
  • You are struggling to accept the next phase of your journey
  • You are finding it difficult to create happiness, joy and peace in your life

Contact Lisa if you have any area in your life – business, relationship, emotional, spiritual – that you want to explore, move forward on, make manifest or finally get started on.

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