past life regression therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

As a skilled Past Life Regression Therapy therapist Lisa is able to use psychic powers, hypnosis and meditative techniques to journey with clients in a past life regression therapy session. This form of healing is helpful in processing past experiences, overcoming fear, hurt and pain and understanding how previous circumstances, past lives and prior experiences are influencing you currently.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy takes clients on an active spiritual journey to their own past life memories. Lisa uses her skills to assist clients to process these memories and relate them to the present. These memories are lasting and, as time moves on, clients may remember more things to help them gain more experience and understanding of their soul’s journey. This therapy is insightful, safe and healing.

This spiritual journey also helps you to recognise and understand your thought patterns, your deep-seated fears, your behavioural habits and your belief structures.

Unlocking memories and tapping into revelations of a previous time and being can help you learn more about yourself and leave you better positioned to continue on your spiritual journey.

Contact Lisa if you would like the opportunity to benefit from hypnosis or past life regression therapy.

Past Life Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a light trance state that helps clients to focus inwardly and tap into past life memories and events. In a Past Life Hypnosis session, clients are deeply relaxed and still aware of their current surroundings. What’s important is that they are able to journey into their past lives with Lisa as their trusted guide. This means that they don’t need to feel scared or at risk.

Lisa uses Past Life Hypnosis to enable clients to focus on a particular feeling or thought that has initiated their need to journey back in time. Past life memories, which can be traumatic, often limit our present state of being, holding us back from being fully alive and spiritually whole. By recalling these difficult memories, we can be set free from their restrictive ties. In contrast, memories of past lives that are happy and fulfilling can be positive, gratifying and inspirational.

Contact Lisa if you would like the opportunity to gain insight into your past lives and to release any burdens that they may have placed on your soul in this life.