When I signed up for the Spiritual Life Coaching with you, I don’t think I really knew what to expect, the only thing I knew is that I had to do this for myself.

These sessions have literally been Life Changing for me.

The beginning of the year I felt depressed, it was like this sad feeling I could not get away from. I literally thought what happens if this feeling doesn’t go away, what am I going to do. I was in a dark place.


Having my reading with you in the beginning of the year was exactly what I needed, and I am so certain that the Angels knew what I needed to. It was like the perfect timing to see you , as if I never saw you , you would have never told me that you were starting these Spiritual Life Coaching sessions.

Each week has taught me so much and I can literally feel the difference in myself and my outlook on life and my way forward. I feel so powerful. A feeling I have not felt… I don’t think ever!

I really do feel so much stronger, like I have taken my power back. I actually love myself now and fully accept myself for who I really am. Its honestly one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

I never expected change so quickly either and each week I have learnt so much and integrated so much and the Universe is giving me all these signs of alignment. Its an amazing feeling.


You are like my Guru! And I am learning so much from you.

I really am so grateful to you Lisa for all the love and guidance.

You have helped me to change my life and open my eyes to this whole new world and phase of my life I am entering.

Thank you so much for everything !!!!!!


Coming out of the corporate world Lisa understands the pressure and stress this environment presents, the best things I did was make contact with her! Both my personal and professional life have changed and Lisa has given me some of the best advise and direction anyone could ever provide. Lisa has a way of becoming a part of the journey not only providing a service! I highly recomend Lisa and all the mind body and soul services she provides if you want clear honest and trustworthy direction. Thank you Lisa!

T. B. (Director)

You are such an incredible, beautiful and inspirational person. You’ve brought so much light to my life…thank you thank you so so much 😘❤🙏


Your energy has always been a gift … and I’m realising how many healers there are that “passed the exam” or “did the course” but don’t really have a handle on healing let alone connecting and caring … you are one of the few that are phenomenal with that.

Gary (Holistic practitioner)

Very enjoyable, I have learnt so much. Thank you for teaching and giving of yourself today (Workshop)


Lisa is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher. Glad to have been able to enhance my spiritual path (Workshop)

Lorna G

I feel a lot lighter spiritually and emotionally (Workshop)


I saw you about 9 years ago. After my first reading with you I misplaced your number and was never able to find you again. Still to this day I think of the reading you did for me and still follow advice you gave me. This may sound all weird as you don’t know me, but I need to share with you the impact your reading has made on my life. Events unfolded as you said they would and advice you gave me has prevented things going wrong on many occasions. Once again I’m sorry for sounding crazy, but your reading was amazing and maybe there is a reason why I could not find you and a reason why I bumped into you today. I would love to come see you again if possible please. Please could you let me know when I could see you in the new year. Thank you so much.


I am a firm believer that the right people come into our lives at the right time. For a while I felt the need to ‘check in’ with my life and seek the guidance for the next step I could feel arriving within me. When Lisa was spoken of by a friend I knew intuitively I had to meet her and work with her. Our first session together felt like one of hundreds, she has an incredible ability to connect with you and make you feel that a trusting and open relationship has already been established.

Her reading and guidance was not only perfectly accurate – but her encouragement and packaging of what I needed to hear gave me the confidence that I had been looking for. Lisa is a highly gifted spiritual and life guide, blending together all aspects of our lives that need to be actioned, healed and looked at. I left our reading feeling more energised than I have in a very long time. I’m ready for the next phase of my life and Lisa was an integral stepping stone of my new foundation.

Thank you Lisa – you are a gift.

Sonia - Skype Reading

I would like to endorse Lisa’s skills 200%. I have been going to Lisa for readings for the last 10 years.
She is amazingly accurate. On many occasions I have had to call her and apologise for not believing that something she had told me could actually happen. Lisa is a sympathetic, warm, and compassionate person. Her aim in all readings is to advise the client to the best of her ability; always keeping their interests at heart. Her perception and insight are astounding; her buoyant nature and optimism are infectious — one always leaves a reading feeling brimful of hope and with sensible, practical advice on how to find a solution to a problem.

If anyone needs more evidence, please visit my website for my children’s book The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, where in my acknowledgements I name Lisa Carr as a guide and mentor.
Two years before I wrote the book, Lisa told me I would become a well-known children’s author. At the time I did not believe her. Of course, I had to apologise later… The book is proof, and not only that, my book series was accepted by a publisher in the USA and I am nearly finished the second book.

Again, Lisa is the most accurate psychic I have ever met and I do not waste any money going elsewhere.

Fiona Ingram (Published Children’s Author)

I have been on three Reiki courses with Soul Vision. The general atmosphere each time has been relaxing and accepting, and I have learnt so much more than just the basic Reiki skills – it helped me to learn more about myself and others. Going on these courses lets you know you are not alone – everyone has issues that they have to deal with – and in knowing this it makes you a stronger person and able to deal with your own issues better.

When I began practicing Reiki healing on others, I found that as well as healing the patient, at the same time it was actually healing and calming me too.
I will be going for my Reiki Masters soon – and look very forward to being at Soul Vision again, just being there calms your mind and makes you feel good.

Reiki Student

Lisa’s readings are so rewarding and inspiring. When I leave Lisa after my readings I feel as if I can accomplish anything…with all these new inspiring thoughts, ideas and plans running through my mind. We love you Lisa.

Gary - Johannesburg

Lisa is an accurate clairvoyant. I have gone to her for readings for many years and have always got more than what I expected. She is not only accurate but also always willing to offer fair and unbiased advice.

Lisa has an amazing ability for healing and as a Reiki Master she is also a wonderful teacher, who has great insight and always offers support. Her courses are always amazing – offering a new and different view on things. My highest praise, however, is for her mediations. She truly knows how to work with the human spirit in guiding their to soul grow.

Johan - Johannesburg

The first time I met Lisa I knew she was the “real McCoy”. Her amazing psychic gift has so lovingly helped many people solve many different issues in their lives so they can lead a happy and more fulfilled life.
I personally recommend any of my clients to see her for any psychic readings, healing or meditation classes etc.

Paul Bernie - Crystal World (Healer, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master, Motivational Speaker)